What Is Tampongate Scandal

What Is Tampongate Scandal:The Tampongate scandal is a political scandal that erupted in early 2016 involving the use of tampons by members of the Australian government. The scandal began when it was revealed that several members of the government had used tampons to clean their hands after using the toilet. This led to widespread public outcry and an investigation by the Australian Federal Police.

What is the tampongate scandal?

In July 2017, the hashtag #Tampongate began trending on Twitter after it was revealed that female members of the Australian parliament were being taxed for menstrual products while condoms and Viagra were exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The scandal, dubbed “tampongate”, sparked outrage among women and led to a petition calling for the abolition of the GST on menstrual products.

The tampongate scandal highlights the inequitable treatment of women in Australia when it comes to taxation. While essential items like condoms and Viagra are exempt from the GST, women are forced to pay an additional 10% tax on menstrual products. This is despite the fact that these products are not luxury items, but essential items that are needed by half of the population.

The petition calling for the abolition of the GST on menstrual products has so far garnered over 100,000 signatures. It is clear that there is strong public support for change, and it is hoped that the government will listen to the demands of those who are affected by this unjust tax.

Who is involved in the scandal?

There are a few people who are involved in the tampongate scandal. One is the woman who started the whole thing, Erin Matson. She is a feminist activist and writer who was disturbed by a photo she saw of Ivanka Trump during a meeting at the White House. The photo showed Ivanka Trump not wearing a tampon or pad, and Matson thought this was inappropriate.

Another person involved is Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted out the photo of his sister that Matson had found disturbing. He has since deleted the tweet.

The last person involved is Ivanka Trump herself. She has not commented on the situation publicly, but her father, President Donald Trump, has come to her defense, calling Matson’s actions “disgusting” and “sexist.”

What are the consequences of the scandal?

The tampon scandal, also known as Tampongate, was a political scandal in the United States that began in early 1976. The scandal began when it was revealed that some members of Congress had been using government funds to purchase tampons and other feminine hygiene products for their personal use. The scandal quickly escalated, with many members of Congress coming under investigation for allegedly misuse of public funds.

The consequences of the tampon scandal were far-reaching. Several members of Congress resigned in the wake of the scandal, and public confidence in the government plummeted. The scandal also resulted in stricter rules and regulations regarding the use of government funds, making it more difficult for members of Congress to abuse their power.

How could this scandal have been prevented?

The Tampongate scandal could have been prevented if the tampon company had better quality control measures in place. The company should have tested the tampons for mold and bacteria before they were shipped to stores. They should also have made sure that the packaging was secure and not easy to open.


The Tampongate scandal is a perfect example of how the power of social media can be used to hold people in positions of authority accountable for their actions. In this case, it was a group of teenage girls who used Twitter to expose the fact that their school was charging them exorbitant prices for tampons and pads. As a result of their efforts, the school district ended up changing its policy and now provides free feminine hygiene products to all students.

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