Postal Strikes Royal Mail

Postal Strikes Royal Mail:As the United Kingdom’s postal service, Royal Mail is an important part of the country’s infrastructure. However, the company has been facing a number of challenges in recent years, including a series of strikes by its workers. In this blog post, we will take a look at the reasons behind the strikes and how they have affected Royal Mail and its customers. We will also explore what the future may hold for the postal service.

What is the postal strike about?

The postal strike is about a pay dispute between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU). The CWU is demanding a pay increase of 3.9% for all workers, while Royal Mail has only offered a 2% increase. The union is also calling for changes to working hours and conditions, including the introduction of a four-day week.

Who is affected by the postal strike?

The recent postal strikes have had a big impact on businesses and individuals across the UK. The strikes, which were called in protest at changes to working conditions, have caused disruption to mail services and delivery times.

Businesses that rely on the post for sending or receiving important documents have been affected, as well as people who use the post to send letters and parcels. The strikes have also caused problems for online retailers who use Royal Mail to deliver their goods.

The postal strikes are having a negative impact on the economy and costing businesses millions of pounds. The government has urged the two sides to reach a resolution so that normal service can resume as soon as possible.

How long will the postal strike last?

The latest postal strike began on October 5th, 2019 and is ongoing. No end date has been announced.

How to stay updated on the postal strike

There are a few ways you can stay updated on the postal strike. One is to check the Royal Mail website for updates. Another is to follow @RoyalMail on Twitter. You can also sign up for email alerts from the Royal Mail.


It is clear that the recent postal strikes have had a significant impact on Royal Mail’s operations. This has led to a backlog of mail and an increased number of complaints from customers. Royal Mail needs to take action to improve its service and address the concerns of its workers.

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