How To Erase Drivecam Event

How To Erase Drivecam Event:When you’re driving, sometimes the best way to capture a video is with your own eyes. But what if you get pulled over and the officer asks to see your driver’s license and registration? What if you forget your driver’s license or registration at home? Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution: erase your drivecam event. Erasing your drivecam event can protect your privacy and keep the police from knowing what happened while you were driving. Here are four steps to follow to erase your drivecam event: ###

What is a drivecam event?

A drivecam event is a moment when a driver’s camera captures footage of an accident or other incident. Most drivecam cameras are built to automatically save these events, but it’s often possible to delete them if you know how.

How to erase a drivecam event

If you have a drivecam and have recorded an event that you don’t want to keep, there are a few ways to erase it.

First, you can use the camera’s menu to erase all recordings.

Second, you can connect the camera to your computer and use the included software to erase individual recordings.

Finally, if you have stored your recordings on a MicroSD card, you can remove them from the card and erase them using your computer’s operating system or a dedicated erasing program.


If you’ve ever accidentally captured an event on your drivecam, or if you want to erase an event from your drivecam history for any reason, there are a few steps you need to take. First, open the DriveCam app on your smartphone. Next, find the event that you want to erase and tap on it. Finally, select “Erase Event” from the menu options.

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